Looking for reliable Chinese suppliers?

You are looking for reliable Chinese suppliers ensuring competitive prices and consistent working quality?

We assist you in every step of your sourcing in China.

Our method:

  • Preliminary meeting in France to write down your needs in detail (type of desired products, volumes, delivery rates, quality controls, shipping and payment modes…)
  • Sending to China your technical specifications, plans and samples (if the product’s dimensions allows it) of the products to be manufactured
  • Finding the best manufacturers in accordance with your requirements
  •  Invitation to tender to the most skilled producers and selection of the best
  • On demand, sending you samples and then, if satisfied, an offer (FOB or CIF at your option) which will, in case of order, become a proforma invoice

When the order is confirmed:

  • Monitoring the manufacturing in China
  • Quality control before containerization

Additional options:

  • Your quality manager can check the goods on the spot before containerization
  • Meeting the manufacturers


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